Mission Statement

To lead the field with innovative and reliable technology; to create successful partnerships with customers and sales partners through service and satisfaction; to continuously grow through high quality and cost-effective products.



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Energy Systems Technology Ltd was formed as a response to a need for more innovative design and lower costs in the standby battery industry.

The company is the result of the integration of three innovative consultative companies, all recognised in their respective fields for the high quality of their design and production engineering and as consistent innovators in the standby battery industry.


UPS/Battery & Battery Monitoring

The ENSYSTEC team has over 45 years experience in major UPS and standby (stationary) battery systems, with in-depth knowledge of all Lead-acid battery types, from OPZ VRLA, to AGM, Gel and Flooded.

This in-depth knowledge and experience has been aquired directly in the battery industry itself, in the UPS & charger sector and in the area of battery monitoring and analysis.

Members of our team have been at the forefront of Battery Monitoring Technology for over 15 years, patenting the worldʼs first multi-frequency analysis algorithms for measuring on-line State of Health (SoH) in large Sealed Lead-Acid batteries, in 1997. This was followed in 1998 by the production of the worldʼs first hand-held multi-frequency standby battery analysis instrument.

One of our many subsequent battery monitoring products was the worldʼs first standby battery single module/single cell monitor with impedance and this has been followed latterly by the worldʼs smallest and most flexible plug-in monitoring hybrid.

We have been responsible for several patents for innovative design, from the first standby battery State of Health patent to a low-cost, single-stage design for a distortion-free, sine wave input rectifier/charger.

Our team has achieved six National and International awards for innovation in standby battery monitoring and analysis systems and has presented many papers at international battery conferences all over the world.


Electronic Product Design Consultancy

ENSYSTEC is also a highly experienced and expert design consultancy, used to thinking ʻout of the boxʼ to achieve the optimum design at the optimum cost.

Our team has extensive experience, from high quality, high reliability space and defence systems, to the design of low cost and high volume products for manufacture in the Far East. We are accustomed to negotiating, guiding and overseeing Far East manufacturing in several different countries to meet the highest quality control standards.


The worldʼs smallest
and most cost-effective
standby battery monitor



Other products currently available and in development are:

  • An ultra-wide input float & discharge current sensor (1mA to 1000A) (Pat. Pending)
  • A tiny ultra-wide input integratable DC/DC power supply for standby battery monitoring modules and instruments
  • An EV and Automotive vehicle battery monitor with SoC, SoH & SoF
  • A single-stage sign-wave unity power factor input battery charger (Pat. Pending)
  • A super-compact onboard charger for Motive Power applications (fork-lifts, Golf carts, mobility)